Society for Urban Poor (SOUP)

शहरी गरीबहरूको लागि समाज

About Us


'SOUP: SOciety for Urban Poor ' is a non-profit social development organization which was founded in 2049 B.S. (1992) by a group of young involved members with good working experience within the field of various social development organization.

SOUP's goal is, to create the conditions for the urban poor to change their lifestyle and this way improve their quality of life by facilitating and providing necessary support. SOUP aims to reduce the present multi problems of the urban poor, by stimulating their own ability to self-support and independence. The group urban poor consist not only of the financially poor people but also those who lack education, civil inertia, public policy awareness, personal health, sanitation, and environmental awareness. SOUP also addresses the issues of women who are highly disadvantaged in poor and low caste communities. The main work area of SOUP is sub-urban and urban areas of Nepal and currently focuses on Kathmandu and Lalitpur districts.


SOUP creates the conditions for women, men and children of the urban and suburban poor communities to improve their quality of life, by organizing them through their empowerment and the awareness of individual and community issues.


SOUP will be recognized as a facilitating organization which brings positive changes in the financial, social, health, educational, livelihood, community development, sanitation and environmental improvement of residential, migrated people, street vendors, elder citizen, women and children who are poor and living in all urban and suburban areas of the country.


Organizing woman, men and children of urban poor communities through empowerment by developing the awareness of their own personal and communal problems and give them a positive change, sustainable improvement of socio-economic and living.

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Find us on Facebook