Society for Urban Poor (SOUP)

शहरी गरीबहरूको लागि समाज

Activities of SOUP

Women Enpowerment: Literacy class, women and children groups for saving and loans, elderly and street vendors programs.

One of SOUP's major activities for this community, is the development and empowering of women. Informal literacy classes and Saving and Loan Programs are being organized to literate and make women more self-supporting. SOUP is facilitating the economic process through entrepreneurship and increasing the skills for the generations to come. According to SOUP saving and loans could be an effective tool in organizing the urban poor communities by providing them economic opportunities to earn their own income and to enable them to save money. These activities will bring self-sustainable growth among the poor. The organized groups can let their voice be heard for their human rights and protect to their livelihood.


Education for Children:Formal and Non-Formal Education.

SOUP is supporting formal and non-formal educational activities. In the formal educational program SOUP is since 1996 providing scholarships to intelligent but disadvantaged children of Urban Poor Communities. Through the non-formal education SOUP has established three child centers for school going aged children. These are for children who didn’t get education before but also children who are dropped out. These children get a non-formal education for one year and after completion the children will be transferred to a government school.


Environmental: educational training on solid waste management, program on solid waste management in selected communities

SOUP works for the improvement of the environment. SOUP organize household solid waste management programs to minimize the waste in the community and make them self-supported. SOUP also develops waste management training and programs in cooperation with the government on their initiation and request. SOUP involves communities which includes 1000 household by training and distribute composting bins to each household to manage bio garden waste.


Fund Raising: SOUP Support member, Recycle Goods, Home stay, Hand card, Calendar and Trainings.

SOUP has different kind of activities for fundraising. With the funds SOUP can perform the programs. Important as funders are the support members. By recycling goods SOUP collects the things which people no longer want and sell those in communities at very minimum price and collect fund. SOUP also provides in home stay programs. Tourist can learn about the Nepal way of life. Different training are also being provided. The money form those trainings will go to the fund.

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