Society for Urban Poor (SOUP)

शहरी गरीबहरूको लागि समाज

Fund Raising

Help SOUP with Fund Raising

SOUP relies entirely on voluntary donations to help the urban poor. SOUP has different fundraising activities to collect funds to preform our programs, for example Non Formal Education class, scholarship program up to class 10, women empowerment, to help the urban poor.


Home Stay Program

Homestay is one of the most popular kinds of Bed & Breakfast. Guests are invited in a private house to live with family members, sharing food but also smiles. SOUP has been organizing this program since 1999 for foreigners from all over the world. At homestay, you will live as a family member. Through this program the foreigners feel the warmth, love, care and understand the culture of Nepalese people especially Newar. All our unique homestays are run by local people who can give you an unforgettable and authentic travel experience. Discover the soul of Nepal with the help and knowledge of your host family. This is an opportunity to get a glimpse of the everyday life of a Nepalese family, and to learn more about how people live in this beautiful country. It also an experience beyond an ordinary homestay or guesthouse since our homestays treats anyone staying with them as their dear friends. This also provides an opportunity for both to further their knowledge of foreign language and exchange ideas, view and experience about each other’s culture, life style, way of solving problems and developmental trend of society. Whether you just want to explore Kathmandu or see more of Kathmandu Valley, they can arrange a custom itinerary for you.

‘Home- Stay Programs’ is one of the fundraising programs of the SOUP. SOUP developed this program with the collaboration of a community club. Amount charge per person per day is NRs. 3000. Out of the total amount for the homestay 40% given to the host family, 25% to the collaborating CBO´s and 35% is for SOUP Support Fund. The contribution amount of this program will be used to launch different activities addressing the basic essentials like education, health, employment, environment and other socio-economic development for the betterment of communities.Home Stay Form



SOUP has been organizing and providing trainings for different organization and communities. SOUP organizes trainings on Household Solid Waste Management, leadership, capacity building, group management, saving and loan, other vocational training and facilitation. The money paid by organizations for those training will go to the fund.


Recycling Goods

By recycling goods SOUP collects the things which people no longer use. SOUP collect clothes, accessories, toys, instruments etc. SOUP sells those goods in communities at very minimum price and collect money with this program use for the community development. In this program SOUP is mainly helped by foreigners living in Nepal. They give things to SOUP when they leave Nepal.


Hand Card

Children of communities make beautiful hand cards which is made from Nepali paper. You can buy these cards to wish your close people in beautiful occasion of life and give as token of love, friendship to anyone you like. The money from cards selling goes to SOUP support fund and is used for education for children.



Help Us !!!


The urban poor need your help now! SOUP relies entirely on voluntary donations to help the urban poor.  You can support SOUP by becoming a support member of SOUP. You can choose the best way of making a contribution for the special activities through monthly or one-off donations. You can also choose to provide us material, book a homestay or a training by SOUP. You can also think of the support through a donation of your time, knowledge, money, network, and everything else what you think of it might be useful to us, let us know.

Change your attitude to build hope among the poor and deprived

Contribute your expense of a cup of tea and three sticks of smokes from today

Expand this exercise from home to home and from community to community

Participate in bringing positive change in the lives of urban poor


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