Society for Urban Poor (SOUP)

शहरी गरीबहरूको लागि समाज

Help Us!

The urban poor need your help now! SOUP relies entirely on voluntary donations to help the urban poor.  You can support SOUP by becoming a support member of SOUP. You can choose the best way of making a contribution for the special activities through monthly or one-off donations. You can also choose to provide us material, book a homestay or a training by SOUP. You can also think of the support through a donation of your time, knowledge, money, network, and everything else what you think of it might be useful to us, let us know.


SOUP Support Members

The people who wants to support by giving some donation to SOUP are called support members. Interested people can be a SOUP support member and give a donation according to their interest. Here most of people give a donation for Scholarship. The members also help SOUP by giving their valuable time, ideas, suggestion and positive attitude. The funds provided by support members is known as "Support Fund". The main objective of the fund is to support the urban poor to improve their lifestyle. The support fund is raised through various activities and by valuable contribution of Nepali citizen and Support members of SOUP from other parts of the world.

Find us on Facebook

Find us on Facebook