Society for Urban Poor (SOUP)

शहरी गरीबहरूको लागि समाज


Success Story Women Group

SOUP started a woman group in 1995 to empower them. They first followed a literacy class for 9 months. Then they participated in the saving and loan program but they didn’t know what kind of business they could start. Because these women can cook really well, especially Newari food, they started a catering service. Catering is now a major income generating activity of this women’s group. This helped the women’s group to be sustained and self-supported. Altogether 76 women are now in this women’s group and have an income from NPR 15.000 to NPR 17.000 every month. At present this women’s group is supporting SOUP every year.     


Child Education

Some Students who have the scholarship support by SOUP have already graduated from school (Passed SLC). One of the Students of the scholarship program is working as a nurse in Australia. She said: "without the scholarship support I received, I could have never imagined to be in such a position".She is now supporting herself with the help of the scholarship program.

At present 117 students are getting scholarships with the support of SOUP. Many students have submitted the application for scholarship and SOUP is selecting morestudents from poor communities.

Altogether 355 school aged children get opportunities for education since 2006 by SOUP’s NFE classes.

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Find us on Facebook