Society for Urban Poor (SOUP)

शहरी गरीबहरूको लागि समाज

Activities & Events

Paper Theater Practice Program

Paper theater practice program to ASP and NFE teacher.


SOUP Office Building

SOUP Building was completed with the helping hands of our various support members.We are successful to collect Rs.3581292.86  from 153 support members & Organisations for the establishment of this Building around 5 Years.We express our gratitude towards all support members for establishing our very own SOUP Resource Center.


Successfully organised the Differnt Training

Different  Training Program was conducted throughout the year 2072.

  • Tune Up & Stress Management Training
  • Socio Psycho & Trauma Management (SPTM)
  • Capacity Building & Leadership Training
  •  Women Group Management Training

We are thankful to CORE International, participants & resource person to mak....

Earthquake Relief

The devastation caused by the earthquake on 2072 Baishak 12 & 29 in Nepal was huge  to the Nepalese People. SOUP supported its affected members by providing them emergency & temporary commodities needed at the time. SOUP collected the help from its different members, organisations and distributed it among the affected people.


DPAC Meeting

 SOUP held  DPAC Meeting on 21st Shrawan,2072.. It was chaired by Tirtha Raj Bhattarai, LDO of Kathmandu .The main aim of this meeting was to summarized the work completed in collaboration with INCLUDED.


Coordination Meeting

Coordination Meeting with Local Government Offices and different NGOs to share SOUP Annual Progress for feedback collection.


Tune up & Stress Management Training

 Two Days Tune Up & Stress Management Program   had successfully completed on 30th October, 2014 facilitated by Ramji Adhikari & Vijaya Raj Sigdel at SOUP Hall,Sanepa.


Participate in Launching of Rector Resource Book

Launching RECTOR Resource Book & Training Kit:


RECTOR has been developed by six organizations [Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO), Paschim Paaila Youth Network (ENPHO/PP), Clean Energy Nepal (CEN), Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASD), Society for Urban Poor (SOUP) and Smart Paaani] working in WASH sector through learning and sharing the experien....

Post Burn Operation

Sarmila Tamang does not have father and mother so she lives with her anti (mother's sister). Her back part was burn while she was three years after that she could not sit on a chair while she reads in her classroom.


Society for Urban Poor (SOUP) provided h....

Capacity Building Training


After the completion of four months, (Integrated Pest Management) IPM training at Kirtipur two days capacity building training had given to the Kirtipur women as a refresher training of four months IPM training to bring positive changes through reflect tools.

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