Society for Urban Poor (SOUP)

शहरी गरीबहरूको लागि समाज

Support Women

Activities for Women Empowerment which can be supported by YOU

  • Organize effective management and leadership training for saving groups NPR 8000 ($81)
  • Organize accounting trainings for selected members for keeping records of SC
  • Organize entrepreneurship training NPR 10000 ($102)
  • Regular meeting once a month. The meetings are mainly focused on the participating method for making different rules and regulations in the saving group and also the interaction among the members and sharing ideas NPR 2000 ($20)
  • Annual day celebration has been done once a year. On that day women groups present their annual financial report to the members, distribute profit and bonus to the shareholders NPR 10000 ($102)
  • Exposure visit to another similar saving credit group NPR 10000 ($102)
  • Health check-up and health orientation class NPR 8000 ($81)
  • Organize non-formal literacy class for nine months to literate and empower them. After this women can participate in the saving and loan program. NPR 45000 ($457) for 25 persons


Help women empowerment

Women need your help now! SOUP relies entirely on voluntary donations to help women. When you make a contribution to programmes supported by SOUP, you' re helping women and through that whole families.You can support woman empowerment by becoming a support member of SOUP. By supporting woman empowerment you will support a whole family. You can choose the best way of making a contribution for the activities for women empowerment through monthly or one-off donations. You can also choose to support an amount of your choice and we will spend this donation for the activities for woman empowerment.

Donate now for those who can contribute financially; Spare time for SOUP who can spare some moments; and in case both of these support are not possible for you, you can spread your positive motivation towards our activities.

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